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May 12, 2018
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ABHIRAV was set up in 2010 in Baroda, Gujarat, India with a focus on developing Solar as sustainable energy alternative India & MENA.
Our energy solutions are viable both in the near term and over the longer term providing maximum energy as well as financial incentives for our customers.
We Provide Complete Solution to Manufacturing and Process Industry. ABHIRAV focuses is on for Energy Efficiency Plant and Clean Power Generation
We also help our customer in Reduction of Electricity bill with and without investment

Abhirav Group is an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Solar company. With Offices at Vadodara, India & Dubai, United Arab Emirates, AE Group aspires to become the leading solar photovoltaic installer in the India and MENA region. We design, install and maintain solar systems across all market segments from utility to commercial and residential solar systems. ABHIRAV Group is supported by highly qualified Management Team.

Solar Power Projects under BOOT Model

How this Happens
Rooftop Lease: We utilize vacant Rooftop spaces and set up a Solar PV Power plant at our own Cost.
Captive Consumption: All power generated from the Solar Plant is fed into the LT panel and is 100% utilized.
Power Purchase Agreement (PPA): We sign a PPA with the Rooftop Owner and sell the power on monthly cycle for a fixed term period.
Operation & Maintenance: We maintain the entire plant and station our team at site at our own costs and expense for the entire term.

Project Viability for Roof Top Owners
Rooftop Owners enjoy cheaper power than their current power tariffs & cost including the use of DG sets.
Getting rid of Power Tariff Escalations and inflation risks. Buy back the project on the 15th or 20th year at depreciated value and enjoy free power for the remaining life of the system which is expected to be 35 years.
Nil Capital Investment required. Comply with your Renewable Energy Purchase Obligations and reduce
Carbon footprints.

Highlights of Project

Technology: Solar Photovoltaic (PV)
System Design: Grid-Connected System {Solar + Grid}
Total rooftop area required 9,000 square feet per 100KW setup
Proposed Solar Panels (PV):
230 to 320 watt | Poly/Mono Crystalline
AAA Rated with Module efficiency higher than 14.8%
Solar Inverter: 100KW Tier I Multiple Sting Inverters, 3 phase Maximum output efficiency at 98%
Estimated Annual Energy Generation: 150,000 kWh in the first year for every 100 KW system. (Leverage of+10%)
Project Completion tenure: Within Four (4) months

General Conditions of Contract

Complete Project cost borne by: Abhirav Group and affiliate Companies

Rooftop Right to Lease Rooftop: Owner shall provide the Right to Use of the rooftop to Abhirav Group for the fixed term period from the date of handing over the project.
Meter Accounting
Based on the Data logs (which accounts every unit of power supplied) Abhirav Group shall raise the bill on the 1st date of every English calendar month. A separate meter may also be installed to verify the actual power supplied.
For all the kW/h of power supplied from the solar plant, hospital shall pay the said dues to Abhirav Group on or before 4th date of every English Calendar month failing which there shall be a penalty of 2% per month levied to the Rooftop Owner.
Bank Guarantee
Abhirav Group shall require a revolving Bank Guarantee of the amount equaling to the estimated power generation on yearly basis

Termination of the PPA
The PPA shall be valid for the fixed lock in period. Abhirav Group may terminate the said agreement. However, the
condition wherein PPA may be terminated by the Rooftop Owner is after it compensates Abhirav Group for the
estimated power generation p.a. for the balance number of years i.e. term; in accordance with the defined power rates in the PPA.
Inverter replacement On Part of Abhirav Group
Replacement of any defective equipment during the Term: On Part of Abhirav Group

Operation & Maintenance of the Plant On Part of Abhirav Group
Installation of 3 Phase meter / sub-Meters and all other necessary wiring from the Distribution
point. By Rooftop Owner

Comparison of Electricity rates from Madhya Pradesh Electricity Board of April 2015, 2016 and 2017

DescriptionApril’15 Per Unit RatesApril’16 Per Unit RatesApril’17 Per Unit RatesApril’18 Per Unit Rates (Assumption)
Energy Charge for consumption

up to 50% load factor

5.75 (at 11 kV)6.2 (at 11 kV)6.6 (at 11 kV)7.0 (at 11 kV)
Energy Charge for consumption in excess of 50% load factor5.20 (at 11 kV)5.55 (at 11 kV)6.0 (at 11 kV)6.4 (at 11 kV)
FCA Surcharge0.
Electricity Duty9% on all of above9% on all of above9% on all of above9% on all of above
Total5.67 Rs Per Unit (Min)6.093 Rs Per Unit (Min)6.71 Rs Per Unit (Min)7.15 Rs Per Unit (Min)

Comparison of Electricity rates from Rajasthan Electricity Board

DescriptionDec’15 Per Unit RatesDec’16 Per Unit Rates
Energy Charge Per kwh6.57.3
Electricity Duty0.40.4
WCC Amount0.10.1
Total (Average Per Unit Rates)7.0 Rs Per Unit7.8 Rs Per Unit

Comparison of Electricity rates from Gujarat Electricity Board of August ’16 and August’17

DescriptionApril’15 Per Unit RatesAugust’16 Per Unit RatesAugust’17 Per Unit Rates
Unit Rate4.654.24.2
Fuel Charge (Changes Quarterly)1.351.351.80
Time of Usage Charges0.850.850.85
Electricity Duty at 15%.15% on all of above15% on all of above15% on all of above
Total7.55 Rs Per Unit (Avg)7.36 Rs Per Unit (Avg)7.88 Rs Per Unit (Avg)

Electricity in Punjab has just increased by 9.33% and this is yearly phenomenon, Energy rates across India have increased 12% in every 2 years



Electricity in Haryana has increased and this is yearly phenomenon, Energy rates across India have increased 12% in every 2 years





Every year Electricity unit rates rise about 6-10% in almost all the states, which means your production cost is increasing.

Going for Roof Top / Ground Mounted Solar power is the best option to reduce your plant electricity Bill and hence Plant Operation Cost.

Use your Roof Top for Solar Power Plant and Reduce your Manufacturing Cost and after 3-4 years get electricity from Solar Free for next 25 years (Suitable for Everyone, The more your Average Bill, the less is your Return on Investment)


Set up Solar PV Power Projects at almost Nil Capital Investment. Lease your Rooftops for fixed term period and enjoy Cheap, Green, Reliable, Constant and Independent Power for up to 25 years

We can offer below rates under RESCO Model for Roof Top Solar Power

Project SizeUnit Rate under RescoPPA Period
500 kW – 1 MW5.2 Rs per KWH (Negotiable)15 Year
1 MW and above5.0 Rs per kWH (Negotiable)15 Year

On behalf of our company, ABHIRAV Group, We would like to present our compliments and avails itself of this opportunity, to draw your attention to our steps in steel production and customer services.

About Us: ABHIRAV Group is an India’s Leading Exporter, Manufacturer, EPC Contractor & Turnkey Project Supply Management One Stop Solution Provider for the EPC, Oil, Gas, Refinery, Chemical, Power Generation, Petrochemical, Heavy Industries, Nuclear, Shipbuilding, Marine industries.

Setting up Grid Connected Solar PV Power Plants ranging from 10 kW to MW scale power projects under the Build, Operate, Own and Transfer (BOOT) Model


Whether you go for Solar or Not, But if You can provide Scan copies of last 12 month electricity bills or Give complete details of Electricity bill in Excel Format, we can submit a report that will let you how maximum you can save. 


Further, we would appreciate if these details reach to the right Person / Department if you’re not the right Person / Department.

Saving Calculations

Sample Calculation of Saving without investing any Penny.
 Consider an Industries which goes for 500 kW Roof Top Solar Power under BOOT
Model for 20 Years
 Now 1 kW unit Generates around 4.5 Unit (+ 5%) in a Day which is average taken
for 365 days.
 So 1 kW Generate – 4.5 Units or kWh Daily.
 Considering Only 320 Sunny Days means Generation will be = 320*500*4.5 =
720000 Unit per Annum.
 Now if this 720000 unit is feed back to the Plant at rate of Rs 5.5 (15-20 % Discount
than State Electricity Board (7.0 Rs per Unit)) than Plant will save around Rs 1.0
which means Minimum INR 10.8 Lacs per annum without any investment.
Generation will definitely be more than 800000 units and hence your saving will
also increase.
 Maximum saving for 365 days will be INR 11 to 12 Lacs.

Some Facts about Roof Top Solar

Suitable for those industries where State Electricity Tariff Ranges from INR 5.5 to 12 across India.
PPA Tariff from BOOT Model offers Electricity at Discount of 10% to 20% depending on the Lease Period (15 years to 25 Years).
Some Other Benefits
 Electricity Duty - Exempted on Generated Solar Power
 Cross Subsidy Surcharge and Additional Surcharge - Exempted on the
Generated Solar Power.
 Demand Charges: If your plant/ Office operate majorly during day time
than contract demand can be reduced and hence Demand Charges can be
 If you are using Diesel Generator as Back-up. During sunny day, Solar will
act as a back up and will reduce your consumption of diesel.

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