E- Commerce: ESI Shop for online Selling

Dear Patrons,

As you all know, we are in a continuous effort to provide a specialized platform for both B2B and E-Commerce marketing solutions specifically for complete electrical and other related domains.

With the same motive we are introducing www.esishop.in

Through ESI Shop, we would like to promote online selling of electrical and automation products.

Now, question arises, when we already have so many online selling platforms, then why a new platform. The answer is simple, we need electrical industry’s own online selling platform, since its a mammoth and huge industry which can not be sold on same platforms where under wears are also available for purchase.

Currently, we are not providing logistics support, but then also its a win win situation for any supplier, only trusted suppliers will receive the purchase request from buyers and supplier will directly ship the product to buyer.

Buyer will make the payment through our platform, and we will disperse the payment to respected supplier within 7 working days and we will be available for 24X7 support if anything arises as far as payments are concerned.

We are a private limited company and hence can be trusted as you can reach us anytime for any issues involved.

You can reach us at:

AS Future Energy Power Consultants Pvt Ltd

C7, Shubham Enclave, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi 110063

write us at support@electricalsuppliersindia.com

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