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A list of 15 Interesting Home Automation Startups in India

With Indians getting more technology savvy and with rapid technological developments all across the globe, Indian startups have ventured into a wide range of domains including the development of home automation systems. According to a report published by RedSeer Consulting, Home automation market in India is rapidly growing and is expected to reach INR 8800 crores by 2017.

From controlling temperature to dimming lights, from managing entrance gate and cameras to making your home appliances smarter, home automation startups in India have developed some cutting edge technology. With these startups at your service, comfort is just a click away. Here are the description of the top 15 home automation startups in India along with their cool developments:

1. Oakter

Key People: Varun Gupta, Nithin David and Shishir Gupta
Founding Year: 2014
Based Out of: Noida

Oakter is set to resolve technology issues faced by Indian homes. They manufacture products which help to make your home appliances like AC, geyser, water pump, room heater, rice cooker etc. smarter. You can not only control your appliances through the Oakter mobile app but also schedule them as per your needs.

Oakter’s kits start at ₹4,750 – or you can pick individual parts (from ₹2,800) to create your own. Some of the uses of Oakter products are:

AC: Their smart personal comfort algorithm automatically sets your room temperature to optimum levels based on your choices.

Door Lock : Unlock the door using mobile app to avoid hassle of carrying keys.

Water Pump: Set schedule for motor as per need

The company received funding from India-Quotient, Spice Group, Sachin Bansal, Binny Bansal, Rajul Garg and few other angel investors.

2. Inoho

Key People: Deep Singh, Deepankar Garg, Gagan Singh
Founding Year: 2014
Based Out of: Bangalore

Inoho helps you to control your lights, fans, geysers, ACs etc from your smart phone even when you are not at home. In fact, with Inoho, you can control your devices not just through phone but also over the internet.

Inoho can be bought online as a starter kit, which comes with a home controller and switchboard module at INR 8,999 (US$140), and additional switchboard modules which are priced at INR 4,499 (US$70). Inoho product is available across India and can be bought on Amazon. However, installation is facilitated only in Bangalore, Delhi, NCR, Hyderabad and Pune.

3. IFIHomes

Key Person: Rohit Khosla
Founding Year: 2013
Based Out of: Bangalore

IFIHomes manufactures products in various domains including home automation, secure vision, smart light, as well as solar products. Popular applications in home automation include universal remotes, smart switches, IP Camera security systems, blinds, lighting, and video door phones, security alarms.

The company only sells and delivers 100% quality products with warranty. And as of now, the startup only ships within India. The firm has started building up its inventory with Switches, light bulbs, Solar lights, and Accessories, it also have a wide range of Network Cameras for both indoor and outdoor use. It also plan on adding more products within the near future with a promise to serve you the best you could be served.

4. Home Brain

Based Out of: Gurugram

HomeBrain is the brainchild of NetWorld Inc., a leading IT enabled automation consulting, designing and integration company. They have developed products across several domains like Security(Security Brain), Lighting and Drapes(Lighting Brain), Entertainment(Entertainment Brain), Climate(Climate Brain) and Appliance Management(Appliance Brain).

Security Brain: Home Brain Security and Automation System ensures round the clock security. It includes products like door access control, CCTV Surveillance, Video Door Phone, Fire Detection and Alarm System, Gas Leak Detectors and Burglar Alarm.

Lighting Brain: It includes products like occupancy sensor based light switching, mood/event based lighting scenes and time based drape control.

Entertainment Brain: It includes products like BGM- Background Music, Multizone AV Distribution, Multi-room Announcement System, and Controllable A.V Devices.

Climate Brain: It includes products like Temperature Control, Ceiling and Pedestal Fan Control, Room Cooler/Air Washer Control.

Appliance Brain: Helps you control all your electrical appliances such as electric oven. coffee machine, grillers, heaters, convectors, geysers, motors, pumps, washing machine, dryers and many more with a click of a button or with a preset schedule.

5. Cubical Labs

Key People: Swati Vyas, Dhruv Ratra and Rahul Bhatnagar
Founding Year: 2013
Based Out of: New Delhi

Cubical Labs‘ products include home automation products along with a few peripheral ones for households, offices , hotels etc. They claim to have got bookings for 10000 devices so far. Their products cover a wide range of utilities including surveillance, control, energy monitoring and intelligence.

Surveillance: IP cameras can be integrated with their solution giving you a live feed in the app along with 7 days of recording.

Control: Helps you to switch on or off all your electrical appliances ( Light, Fan, A.C, TV, Geysers etc.) with your smartphone from anywhere.

Energy Monitoring: Their switches track electricity consumption of each device in real-time and collect this data for further analysis.

Intelligence: Your home learns from your needs and automatically takes care of the climate and light settings.

6. Sharp Node

Key Person: Mohit Agnihotri
Founding Year: 2014
Based Out of: Mumbai

SharpNode Technologies, an IOT based company, is working on products involving various components which helps in connecting things around you to a cloud based internet. It provides several products which include the following:

Home Automation System: SharpNode Home Automation is a smart device which provide control over every day electronic appliances through smart phone, smart watch, laptop or any web enabled device.

3S Smart IP Camera: A plug and play device with a high quality 720P HD IP camera. It also enables two way communication and Night Vision up to 10 meter.

Universal Remote: SharpNode Universal Remote (IR) enable you to Control any Air-Conditioner (AC), TV, Music player from anywhere, anytime through smartphone.

7. Metagan Technologies

Key Person: Ganesh Prasad Kumble
Founding Year: 2015
Based Out of: Bangalore

Metagan Technologies is an early stage startup working on modular IoT solutions for your house by reinventing the hardware & software platforms for IoT by leveraging native patented technologies & open source technologies. It manufactures products across various domains including Security & Home Automation, Industrial Automation, Smart City Automation, Healthcare Automation, Agriculture Automation and Vehicle Automation.

8. Silvan Innovation

Key Person: Avinash Gautam
Founding Year: 2008
Based Out of: Bangalore

Silvan Technologies develops video surveillance, analytics and home automation solutions products. They have manufactured four new smart-home consumer products that it has been working on for the past two years. These include CBell, a WiFi video doorbell, which calls the owner’s phone when the doorbell is pressed, and Secure, an app-enabled security system, which secures the home against unwanted intrusions including safety hazards such as gas leakages and fires. Silvan has distributors all over India and has presence in 25 retails stores across Bangalore, Delhi-NCR, Jaipur, Mumbai, Pune, Surat and Vijawada.

9. eDomotics

Key People: Ganesh Vudutha, Keshava Varma
Founding Year: 2012
Based Out of: Hyderabad

eDomotics is a lifestyle company, inspired and driven by ideas that promise – comfort, convenience, security & safety. The company provides a one stop solution for your end-to-end automation needs – consulting, planning, system design, installation and service. Be it lighting, appliances, entertainment systems, air-conditioning, curtains, sprinklers or surveillance cameras at your home, its solutions provides you the convenience to control it from just a click of a button. You can also accesses and control all of these from your mobile smart phone or internet.

10. Thasmai Automation

Key Person: Karigirish Murthy
Founding Year: 2010
Based Out of: Bangalore

Thasmai offers Home Automation and Home Theater solutions for you by making the products and systems you already have and use every day work together. By integrating everything from lighting controls, music, home theater, climate control, security – smartphones and tablets – Thasmai creates personalized experiences. They also provide home security solutions including CCTV System, Anti-Burglary System, Video Door Phone, and Biometric Locks.

11. PicoStone

Key People: Virang Jhaveri,Niket Sarvaiya, Nilesh Jain
Based Out of: Mumbai

With the mission to automate every home in India, PicoStone is working towards making an ecosystem pillared around hardware, software and artificial intelligence systems to give their customers the best automation experience. They believe in ‘Make in India’ and all of their products and technologies are engineered, designed and developed in India. Their product ‘butler’ controls your smart home devices for you.

Basic – Basic can simultaneously control any four devices that follow our technical specifications. These include your tubelights, fans, dimmable and non-dimmable LEDs, too. PicoStone has optimized the device design to be able to fit into the existing home architecture without you having to take the pain of rewiring and digging a hole in your pockets.

Polar – The polar a small plug like device which lets you control your Air conditioner, TV and set up box. The operations of polar coupled with the Butler’s artificial intelligence will help you use your ACs optimally. Another feature is the location based operations, wherein the butler operates your AC based on your GPS location to give you an amazing automation experience.

12. Klickh

Key Person: Madhu Reddy Salla
Founding Year: 2008
Based Out of: Hyderabad

klickH is an IoT company focusing on Home Security and Automation products for India. They offer smartphone based control of home Appliances, Lighting and Security. Their IoT platform enables deployment of Connected Security solutions similar to ADT but at very low cost.

It manufactures various products to provide safety, convenience, comfort, etc. Some products manufactured by Klickh include multi sensors to detect activity, motion, humidity, door intrusion, temperature, etc. remote control, security cameras, alarm buzzer for kids, etc.

13. Pert

Key Person: Arun Cheela
Founding Year: 2014
Based Out of: Hyderabad

Pert is again a Home Automation solution provider which lets you control your switches and devices at the tap of a button. With one Pert, you can manage up to 8 switches and every Pert comes with an installation and a free iOS and Android App. It helps in minimizing your electricity consumption. With the Pert App, you can set an alarm for your home to switch on or switch off any gadget or appliance as per your convenience. You can choose when and how long the device has to be turned ON or OFF. One unique feature of Pert is that it works even when there is no Wi-Fi connectivity.

14. BuildTrack

Based Out of: Mumbai

BuildTrack provides user friendly solutions which are cost and energy efficient. All the products are manufactured in-house, are tested before delivery and are designed to suit Indian conditions. They won the CII National Award for the Most Innovative Energy Saving Product.

The products are aimed to provide safety, security, convenience and comfort to the users. Some of its products include IP cameras, door intrusion, gas and motion sensors, curtain control, video door phones, etc. All the products can be accessed via a remote control, internet or through a Smartphone or Tablet via a Smart App.

15. iMonitor Solutions

Key People: Girish Gaur, Prabuddha Singh, Dr. Ram Udupa
Founding Year: 2009
Based Out of: Bangalore

iMonitor Solutions‘ product Z-WAVE is a new wireless protocol that establishes an Intelligent, Private and Secure Network within your house between devices that serve you and your nomineees only. It’s working range can be extended significantly as the devices act as repeaters and form a mesh network. It’s Intelligent network enables devices to learn to find best communication path. One can add up to 232 devices.

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