ESI – About Us



Electrical Suppliers India is an online portal showcasing global manufacturers, suppliers and distributors in the field of electrical components, accessories and equipment- for generation, transmission, distribution, infrastructure & overall civic development.

ESI was launched in India in the year 2013 with a motive to provide for smooth interaction between the buyers and suppliers of the electrical industry.

One of the key challenges which the electrical industry faces in India is the lack of transparency and information availability through online portals regarding products and offerings of the various suppliers. This constraint prevents healthy competition and also restricts the options available for key buyers during large scale projects. Another challenge which the Indian manufacturers and suppliers face is the lack of reach and exposure to international utilities.

ESI wants to enable direct interaction and business transaction between global buyers and sellers for the rapid expansion of economies.


To be the leader in connecting electrical businesses across the globe for the growth and development of infrastructure and eco system.


  • To be provide an interaction platform which is purely for the electrical industry.
  • To provide a marketing platform to the electrical buyers and suppliers for maximum reach and penetration.
  • To provide buyers wide variety of- products, services and prices.


  • To provide an interaction platform for the buyers and sellers of the global electrical industry.
  • To provide exposure and reach to small and medium scale organizations through. and its related promotional activities at zero or affordable costs.
  • To provide an opportunity to the sellers to showcase their offerings on an open platform and generate business leads & queries.
  • To provide an opportunity to international suppliers & global brands to enter the Indian market through recruitment of channel partners as well as through substantial online presence & penetration.
  • To provide multiple options to the buyers across the globe- wide variety of options of suppliers, product quality, standards as well as economy.
  • To provide an e-commerce platform for the electrical industry.
  • To generate revenue from ad sales, sponsorship, database mining, deal sign ups.
  • o generate revenue from the paid accounts created on the B2B portal between the buyers and suppliers (chargeable to the buyers and chargeable to suppliers).